To understand the marketing potential of virtual reality films you need to understand the technology first. What is VR and how does it work? Find the answers on this page.

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What is VR?

Virtual reality immerses the user in artificial worlds. The user's real surroundings are blocked off. The user experiences a computer-generated environment that allows him to explore an alternative world on his own. VR is experienced by wearing a headset (we describe the different types of VR headsets in the "How to watch VR" section of our website). Today VR is mainly used in education, gaming and entertainment. As Facebook, Google and Microsoft invested billions in VR technology, it is sure that VR is not only a fad. VR together with augmented and mixed reality will stay and change everything within the next 10 to 15 years. VR will change the way we work, learn, play, entertain and explore - it will transform all  visual industries such as travel, music, science, automotive, sports and advertising.

When people first try on a VR headset, they are startled by the experience. When it is over, they usually want more, even crave more. They almost share immediately what they have experienced with friends. VR is like nothing that has preceded it. It is exciting, creative and fun - there is no screen, no barrier anymore.

VR 360 film

VR films or 360 videos are what we do and we believe that it is the most immersive, cinematic experience you can create. If you watch a VR film you can look and hear all around you just as if you would be there. It feels like you are in the scene and it is completely immersive. You do not only watch a video anymore - you are there! Real VR films are 360 degrees 3D stereoscopic and have spatial audio. Some companies offer the production of flat 360 2D videos without real spatial audio - we do not believe that those videos are able to give the viewer a real immersive experience. The only thing that is not possible in VR films is moving. But if you implement VR films into an App the viewer is able to choose from different scenes, rooms or perspectives.

In a VR film you are able to be on stage together with your favorite band, you can travel to beaches and mountains all over the world or you can take a seat in a racing car. You could also enjoy a complete concert in virtual reality or visit the White House.

It is proven that VR films are much better memorable than normal videos and films. Brain researchers found out that the activity in your brain while watching a VR film is pretty much the same as if you would really be there. In comparison: Brain activity while watching a normal film is lower than brain activity while sleeping. When people watch a VR film and you ask them weeks later "what did you see?" they remember pretty much every scene, moment and dialogue perfectly. 

You can upload and playback VR films in Facebook and YouTube and they explode in popularity. Many brands already use VR films on Facebook and YouTube to reach new audiences with short-form content and ads.


VR concepts

The final question now is: "How can you use VR films and benefit from this new technology?". We believe that VR films and VR marketing concepts have great impact! Many companies have social-media video formats, magazines or TV-commercials, all this is not new! But with a VR marketing concept you can have something that only a few other companies have. This can create great attention. Have you ever tried to hand out flyers or magazines in malls? Most people throw it away without even reading it. But if you place 2 girls with VR headsets playing your VR film in a mall on a weekend, you will have people waiting in a long queue to watch it. Let us give you some examples of VR marketing concepts in this chapter.

The easiest way of VR marketing is to shoot a VR film and spread it in social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. As VR video content is new and exciting, those videos have great numbers in "views", "shares" and "comments". The technology itself also provides you with complete new opportunities to present your product. In a VR film for a travel agency the viewer can first sit in a plane, look around and be advised by a funny stewardess, in the next scene he can be standing on top of a mountain or at a beach. Remember that VR films are a great tool to give the viewer a realistic impression of a room as you can freely look around. So if you would like to advertise for a new plane, car, train or even a complete amusement park - VR films are perfect to do so!

An even better way to advertise with VR films is to distribute your own, customly branded VR Cardboard headset together with your film. A customly branded VR headset costs about 2$ and you could print something like "look inside" combined with your VR video link on it. As people are curious about the new technology they will immediately try it out, watch your VR film and even share it with friends. You could distribute the cardboard headsets in stores, planes, trains, hotels, malls or even send them via mail. Imagine you want to promote your new car on a fair. You could film the car at beautiful spots in a VR film and the viewer would also take a seat in the car. Then you distribute cardboard headsets with the slogan "take a seat in our new car! Watch this Link!" at the fair. People would immediately put their phones in it and watch your VR film.

The possibilities are endless and the impact of VR marketing is great! So what are you waiting for? Contact us and let`s develop a custom VR marketing concept for you!